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I still refuse to listen to AM by the Arctic Monkeys because nothing will be better than Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not.

wears-vans asked: do you really believe the real friends new album is good?

I truly believe it’s good. How many times do I have to say this?

Anonymous asked: Great response to that question. Now, I don't agree with a lot of what you said. I actually love RF as people and have nothing against them, but Kyle has never been good at writing and this album is the worst thing he's written. Modern Baseball does the whole "I'm getting better" thing better than RF. And The Wonder Years is who RF should really be taking notes from. Both of those bands shit on RF lyrically and do it without the generic pop punk tropes that made RF popular in the first place.

And I think that Real Friends shits on Modern Baseball. It’s all opinions. I think it’s funny that you said they should take notes from The Wonder Years since when they started a lot of people were calling them a Wonder Years rip-off band. Now that they are trying to branch out from what I consider generic they are getting shit for that. Oh well, opinions are opinions and you can’t change them at all. I think it’s a great record and Kyle is great at what he does and you think the opposite. All is said and done now. People who like the album will buy it and people who dislike will continue to voice their opinion on it. 

Anonymous asked: Real Friends' new album is like their worst work yet. It's so full of itself and no longer feels genuine, just cliche "I'm so sad, Midwest blues" trash. It's the epitome of shitty pop punk and for some reason 17 year old kids on tumblr are praising this shit for its "relatability" when it's really just generic, mediocre predictable pop punk that does no favors for the image of the genre. I'd love to hear your thoughts since you obviously love it.

Well damn, no hesitation at all. Almost every opinion outside of tumblr (actually, some from tumblr as well) I’ve seen says exactly what you just said. It’s like you all expected their first full length album to be 100% different from their EPs. I think you all need to chill about it. If you want shitty pop punk listen to Modern Baseball (sorry not sorry). Real Friends, in my opinion, are far from shitty. I also like how you pretty much said it has no relatability. Which, once again in my opinion, is completely false. While listening to the lyrics of the album a lot of it hits home. Just because you can’t relate doesn’t mean no one can. Now, when it comes to being genuine, I can tell you that it’s very genuine. Kyle isn’t the type of guy to write random bullshit that didn’t happen or he didn’t feel at some point. 

Now that I’m done nit-picking what you said. What are my thoughts on the album? It’s a great fucking record. Like I mentioned before, it hits home for me with the lyrics. The music isn’t complex and I have nothing against that. This album gets its message out without beating around the bush. That message being “I’m still fucked up, but you know what? I’m finally getting better”. The growth I hear is fantastic and I can’t wait for these guys to keep going. This is their first full length and their first recordings on a label. Just remember that. They aren’t done, if you back this band and didn’t like this album, just wait. They need to iron it out a little, I know that much. And once they do that they’ll secure a spot in pop-punk forever I’m sure. 

Long story short, I love this band for more than just the music. These guys are genuine guys who love what they do and this album is great. I’ll forever back these guys and if they ever put out a song or album I dislike, you’ll know it. I don’t hold back just because I like a band.