Hi, my name is Zak. I live near Chicago. I take pictures of bands whenever I get the chance and I fucking love sushi.
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Gifs I've Made

The Babe


Beautiful Creature



 fucked up kid(s)


Pretty cool how if you run out of money you can just stab someone and take theirs

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Yes. I love you Matt. 

I just want my itaste MVP 2 and ecto cooler eliquid. Ship faster damn it. 

My Senses Fail “Let It Enfold You” vinyl just shipped. Aw yes. 

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Fireball is bae

Anonymous asked: you literally look like that bottle of fireball i am laughing so hard


beaubokan asked: Happy 20th birthday cute stuff (:

Thank you so much!

kingston7inch asked: happy birthday cutie enjoy it :)

thank you, thank you!

pallisondurfee asked: Happy birthday, dude! (:

thank you :)